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Montessori Together Playgroup

Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce you to our first Montessori Together Playgroup! We are so excited to launch this introductory 10 week workshop for our Montessori families. Montessori Together will start on Wednesday, September 18th 2019 and will continue every Wednesday, until November 20th, 2019. We will be enrolling children between the ages of 16 months to 30 months for this workshop. Please see attached information, as it may help answer any questions you may have.

Please contact myself, Christine at if you would like to register for this workshop or if have any other questions. I hope to hear from you soon!

Christine Romero
School Director MSMB

How does a Montessori playgroup work?

A Montessori playgroup is a program where each class is around 1.5 hours in length and the child attends with a parent/caregiver/grandparent.

The child loves exploring the rich carefully prepared learning environment, getting to know the teacher, and observing (sometimes interacting with) the other children.

Their parent/caregiver learns how to be their guide in a Montessori way and has an opportunity to ask questions from the teacher/guide.

Length of course

Each session will last 10 weeks long.
Each class will last 1.5 hours long and will include a similar schedule.
Group Circle 10 min
(Includes song, story and lesson)

Free work time and snack preparation 40 min
(explore the Montessori classroom environment)

Outdoor play 20 min

Ending music 20 min

Why a Montessori Playgroup?

  • the children benefit 24/7 from the Montessori approach – not just in a 2-hour class, but also in their daily lives
  • the children build skills of independence at home – for example, learning to dress themselves, the Montessori coat
    flip, having a place for their things, caring for the environment
  • it lays a foundation at a critical time of child development
  • it introduces parents to principles they can practice for years with their child
  • it makes Montessori accessible to families before preschool, when there is already so much their child is capable of
  • parents feel supported and more confident
  • families feel safe and free from judgment and able to connect with like-minded families
  • parents receive a concrete understanding of the approach, seeing it in practice – not just from a book or Instagram
  • attending a Montessori playgroup may inspire parents/caregivers to train as Montessori teachers
  • helps parents bring back the joy and simplicity to parenting – they see their role is not to control, but to be their child’s guide
  • helps families set up their homes to meet the children’s needs
  • if they attend a Montessori school, the expectations at school match those at home – for example, they understand there are freedoms and limits just as at school
  • meet like-minded families
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