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COVID Frequently asked questions

Q. What if my child is exposed to someone with COVID-19?

Answer: We need you to tell us ASAP and quarantine for 10 days.

Q. What if my child tested positive for COVID-19?

Answer:  Tell us ASAP, so we can follow the protocol and reduce the spread.

Q. Can my child attend school while we await test results?

Answer: No, your child cannot attend school while you are waiting for the results.

Q. What do I need to do so my child can return to school after they have recovered from Covid?

Answer: As long as they no longer have symptoms, they may return after 10 days of quarantine.

Q. Where should I test?

Answer: Contact your primary care provider. They will have the most accurate information.

Q. What if my child travels over the holidays OR any other time?

Answer: If your child traveled by air, bus, or train, your child will need to provide a negative test result taken 5 days after his/her return OR Adhere to Public Health’s 10-day quarantine.

*Your child will not be allowed to return before the quarantine period (10 days) or written verification of negative results (test was done 5 days after exposure or travel).

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