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Montessori Math materials enable children to learn and master basic concepts through concrete exploration, which leads to discovery of the abstract concept. With the use of the concrete materials the young child can be introduced to math functions before the age of six. Children do not just count- they are able to visualize the whole concept of numbers through the use of rods, spindles, counters, cubes and cards.

  • The numbers 1-10 are introduced by using rods that are counted
  • Sandpaper numbers allow the child to recognize the shape and name of the numbers
  • To show quantity, the child matches symbol cards with materials
  • Golden beads and symbols introduce the child to the decimal system and help them understand the concepts of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

When using the math materials in the Montessori environment the child is using both sides of their brain at the same time.

Math in Kindergarten The older child begins by learning about the decimal system and place values of 1s, 10, 100w, and 1000s. The Montessori Material strengthen the child’s number sense and allows them to build on the skills they have acquired. They focus on mental math strategies and problem-solving, as well as estimating and manipulating numbers both verbally and on paper. The exercises provide a deeper understanding of how numbers function.

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