Elementary (5 years and older)

ElementaryThe elementary transition class was established to meet the needs of the 5 to 7 year old child. This is actually the most fruitful time in the Montessori experience, where the foundation laid during the preschool years, comes to fruition as children begin to unfold as young leaders, early readers, and budding mathematicians. This class also serves as an excellent transition into traditional education. It replaces and offers more than traditional education programs and we feel children of this age need more academic stimulation than most traditional programs provide.

The objectives of the program are different from preschool, in that, the child is directed toward abstraction, away from the Montessori “teaching” materials. The mature imagination of the older children embrace large ideas which go beyond his immediate environment. The curriculum is interdisciplinary where concepts of biology, geology and history converge on the study of life’s evolution from the beginning of the universe to the evolution of man and civilization.

Emphasis is not placed on association between different areas of study. Math and geometry flow from basic number operations to solid geometry. Language becomes the final synthesis of all experiences with creative writing and grammar analysis.