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Call Us Today (310) 545-8104

Montessori Schools Curriculum in Lawndale CA

Are Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA the Right Choice for Your Child?

As a parent, there are many decisions you will need to make for your children. None may be as important as finding the right school for them. As you consider your options, you may wonder: How do Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA compare? What makes them stand out? Keep reading to get the answers. If you have additional questions, want to tour our facility, or are ready to sign up your child, contact Montessori School of Manhattan Beach at (310) 545-8104 today.

Our Long History of Success Should Bring You Confidence in Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA

This method of teaching our youngest citizens started in 1968 when Judy Ernst, educated at UCLA and raised in Manhattan Beach, created a unique option. She is still active, more than 50 years later, and has maintained the integrity of this truly exceptional program.

We Are Proud of the Curriculum at Our Schools

While the past is important, we know that what we are doing today is even more importation. With Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA, you can expect unique options that focus on your child’s safety and growth. We include fine art education and have a monthly theme on things like biology, horticulture, or history. We add on-site guest demonstrations to keep students interested.

Our students also enjoy weekly foreign language lessons, music lessons, and a lot more. There are options depending on their interest including art, yoga, and cooking. We aim to find the best options for your child that will keep them interested and engaged in the learning process.

You Will Appreciate Convenient Timing for Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA

While your child is the one who will be in our classrooms, we know that we are serving the entire family. For this reason we offer two locations, year-round programs, and are open starting at seven in the morning until six at night. We do not even charge for care from seven to nine in the morning. Our afterschool programs including cooking, foreign language, crafts, drama, and so much more.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA?

If you are interested in this option and wondering if Montessori Schools Curriculum Lawndale CA are the right choice for your children then we welcome you to Contact  Montessori School of Manhattan Beach at (310) 545-8104 and set up an appointment to visit our location. Your child deserves the best possible education with the most supportive staff. You will get that and much more when you work with us.

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