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Call Us Today (310) 545-8104

Dual Spanish Immersion Class

Dear Parents,

Fluency in a second language opens doors to an entire world for your child, offering opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable. The bilingual child has a deeper understanding of the potential of her own mind, a social and emotional head start, and a stronger foundation in executive functioning skills.

Young children under the age of six absorb more than one language effortlessly and with joy.

So with that said, I am so excited to announce a new program we are implementing in our Montessori curriculum!

Duel Language Emersion! Starting Fall of 2019, MSMB will be introducing Spanish full time in three of our primary classrooms.  This will consist of one teacher giving Montessori  lessons and daily conversations in English, while the other teacher (Spanish teacher) will be doing the same in Spanish. I have included some informational text on language immersion that I hope will be helpful.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Christine Romero
School Director MSMB

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